Thursday, January 8, 2009

DCF = Don't Care Factor

My morning routine when I arrive at my desk each day is basically the same: fire up the computer, launch Outlook, check that Inbox and Calendar, sign-in to Messenger, check the Hotmail Inbox, and peruse the highlights that come up in the Windows Live Today panel, move on to more important things, etc.

Usually, I only briefly look at the items that appear under Hot Gossip on the "Celebs" panel, but this morning there where one that caught my eye:
"Lindsay Reportedly Rings in 2009 with Flip-Out, Fisticuffs"

After a quick read of this non-news, it dawned on me that my DCF Meter was almost pegged. Who gives a damn about LiLo and her latest escapade? On a scale of 1 to 10 ("only interested if there is nothing else on/to do" to "Please kill me now so that I do not have to endure any more of this"), LiLo's lastest tantrum scores around an 8.5. And while I'm at it - if she's going to be (or continue to play at being) a lesbian, couldn't she at least pick a prettier partner?

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