Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theism, Deism, Whateverism

The American Humanist Association has recently issued a press release asking the President-elect Barrack Obama to decline any offer from the Boy Scouts of America to be the honorary president of their organization. Their argument is, essentially, that since the BSA openly promotes theistic principals and values, the President of the United States should refuse to be associated with them. What a load of crap! Perhaps the AHA should also issue a press release asking the incoming president to refuse to attend church since whatever church the Obama family decides to attend would not be welcoming to non-believers. Rather than suggesting that the President decline to be the titular head of an organization that the AHA disagrees with, perhaps they should request that he also accept an honorary leader position in their organization as well. That would show just how inclusive and accepting President-elect Obama really is.

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