Friday, February 20, 2009

Dr. Anne Wortham - Great American

I received an email copy of a brilliant essay by Dr. Anne Wortham that I am compelled to share with whomever may trip across my rants. (I was able to quickly google it!) Titled "No He Can't," Dr. Wortham's open letter to America is both brilliant and sobering and should be widely read by one and all. What I take away from her essay is that it does not and should not matter what skin color our president has; what matters is his vision for our country and his plans to achieve that vision and she does not support him (neither do I). The beauty of the American Experience and Experiment is the opportunity to succeed and liberals are clueless and are recklessly destroying our way of life.
By the way, Dr. Wortham is a self-described liberal and she's black too (obviously a women too - my proper use of the pronoun "she" ought to be a good indicator).

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