Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shame on you, Michael Phelps

I know that there are a few potentially embarrassing episodes from my past that might cause me to blush now, but then again I have never had nor will likely have the level of opportunity, fame, and income as Olympic Champion Michael Phelps. What a knucklehead! Even though he is technically an adult according to the law, where are his parents and why are they not keeping a closer eye on the obviously still maturing swimming prodigee? Thank goodness there are at least a few of us out in the mass of (formerly) adoring fans that are not willing to give him a pass. Simply expressing a heartfelt mea culpa is not enough, as this Washington Post article by Michael Wilbon so succinctly explains. Don't forget - he made the same sort of prostration for mercy after his DUI four years ago!

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